Royal Mat
floor mats

For many years, JOZ has been supplying Royal Mat rubber mats for floors and cubicle stalls. The rectangular mats are glued together, resulting in a sealed rubber floor. Royal Mat rubber is not susceptible to temperature fluctuations thereby eradicating the risk of 'bulging' in hot weather.


On rubber floor mats, cows feel and act just like they do outside. They move more and better in the barn, leading to fewer hoof problems. This optimum cow comfort in practice translates directly into higher milk production. The mats are also very easy to clean with the slurry handling systems from JOZ.

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  • More comfort in loose cow barns
  • Cows move more and better
  • Less slipping
  • Less hoof problems
  • Higher milk production
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Excellent combination with JOZ slurry handling systems


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