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Лидер JOZ постоянно идёт впереди. JOZ не только специалист по очистке коровников, но и постоянно формирует основу того, что происходит в этой области. Другими словами:

Marc Sanders Voeraanschuifrobot JOZ Moov Koe front"I was looking for ways to work even more efficiently"

Eleven times a day, The Moov delivers roughage to Marc Sanders’ open shed in Kalmthout (Belgium). The results: higher production, a huge savings in labor and calmer cattle stock.

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Save money JOZ Moov feedpusherStart saving

Check how much money you will save annually, based on your business when buying a Moov feedpusher.

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Jantinus Echten on the Moov JOZ Homeofthecleanstable frontpageMoov pays for itself within two years

‘As the feed is continuously supplied, all the cows have access to fresh feed, and the hierarchy is no longer a negative factor. In addition, in my situation the Moov will recoup its costs within two years.

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Bink JOZ voeraanschuifrobotFeedpusher offers solution

To increase labor efficiency and flexibility, dairy farmer W. Bink chose for a robot feed pusher.


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