“I was looking for ways to work even more efficiently”

Eleven times a day, Moov delivers roughage to Marc Sanders’ open shed in Kalmthout (Belgium). He milks 240 cows using four robots. The results: higher production, a huge savings in labor and calmer cattle stock. 


Sanders bought the Moov in September 2016. “I was looking for ways to work even more efficiently. Now that the milk quota has been abolished, the trick is to produce as much as milk as possible per cubicle, with as little labor as possible.” 


Fat and protein

And it worked. The arrival of the Moov resulted almost immediately in better production. Sanders: “Within two milking sessions, fat and protein content has raised by 0.05%, and after that it has raisen even more. I worked it out and discovered that for my company it meant that I would get my investment back within two years.” 

Marc Sanders Voeraanschuifrobot JOZ Moov Koe

Less labor

Apart from better production, the Moov also saves a lot in terms of labor. Sanders has succeeded in running his company together with his wife and one member of staff. It’s a relief that there is always fodder for the cows, even at night. “I no longer have to worry about it first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. And I can go to a party in the afternoon with peace of mind because I know that the fodder will always be available for the cows.”


Peace and quiet in the shed

The Moov makes the cows curious, so they come to the feed gate. Sanders: “Cows are creatures of habit, and they stick to their routine.” He noted that the shed is calmer. “Those cows that are lower ranked also get their turn at the feed gate more easily, and that leads to better feed utilization and better production.”  


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