Moov pro


Moov Pro feed pusher


The Moov Pro feed pushing robot is a fully automatic robot for dairy cattle stables. With the Moov Pro your cattle stock will have 24/7 access to fresh feed.

Features Moov Pro

Two-day scheduling, for farmers who feed every other day

One shot, for farmers who feed at irregular intervals

Postponed starting time, for occasions feed is given earlier or later

Parking function, so the robot can park outside during feeding

Pause/Play function, allowing the Moov Pro to be halted temporarily


Save money Moov feedpusher feed pusher


  • Increases feed intake
  • Labour-saving
  • Contributes to higher milk production
  • Feed available 24/7 for all cows
  • Better performance by low ranked cows
  • Calmer cattle stock
  • Clean feed passage
  • Simple & user-friendly
  • Better efficiency of milking robots
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