Moov pays for itself within two years

A minor adjustment, a major convenience. That is how you can summarize installing a Moov feed moving robot. The Moov clears the feed alleys in dairy sheds at any point in time you desire. Dairy farmer Jantinus Echten from Koekange has owned a Moov for a few weeks and sees with pleasure – as his cows do too – how the robot does its work immaculately.

Jan Echten on the Moov JOZ voeraanschuifrobot

"In addition, in my situation the Moov will recoup its costs within two years."

"I run a one-man operation, and that meant that previously I had to return from the fields to move the feed during the day in order to distribute the roughage. I no longer need to do that,’ Jantinus Echten says. ‘When I come into the shed in the mornings, the feed has all been neatly moved up. Because we actually have too few feeding places, it is important that feed is always present. Even more important is the welfare of the roughly 115 cows in the shed."

Echten continues: ‘As the Moov ensures constant supply of roughage seven days per week, 24 hours per day, the animals can all eat when they want to. This prevents ailments like acidosis and laminitis. In addition, the feed utilization is greatly improved, and it pays to get more roughage into the cow instead of more expensive concentrates. This saves costs and also leads to more milk with higher contents.’

In Jantinus Echten's shed the Moov – which was installed by JOZ A dealer Huisjes Mechanisatie from nearby Rogat – does its rounds noiselessly. The cows are inquisitive and see it as a pleasant game. Echten: ‘Alongside the pros mentioned above, I can also see that the Moov makes for calm in the cowshed. As the feed is continuously supplied, all the cows have access to fresh feed, and the hierarchy is no longer a negative factor in the utilization of the feed. In addition, in my situation the Moov will recoup its costs within two years.’

Jan Echten on the Moov JOZ Homeofthecleanstable voeraanschuifrobot

Source: Agri & food special, Leeuwarder courant.