NEW: Multi-Scraper

More than 60 years’ experience in manure removal technology and the drive to create the best products for livestock farmers and their animals has resulted in the introduction of the Multi-Scraper. 

JOZ is proud of this achievement because the Multi-Scraper – with its modular construction, adaptability, hard-wearing components and rounded (animal-friendly) design – is the leader in its class. 

The Multi-Scraper is constructed from different cast steel parts, which are more abrasion-resistant than carbon steel. The modular design means that all worn parts can be easily replaced, allowing the manure scraper to enjoy an unlimited working life with minimal maintenance costs.


  • The most animal-friendly construction
  • Wear indicators
  • Suitable for level floors and UNP guidance
  • Adaptable capacity
  • Adjustable for chain, cable or rope drive unit
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