Rabo Participaties as new investor

JOZ continues global growth with Rabo Participaties as new investor


The digitisation and automation of livestock stables is a global growth market. JOZ responds to this trend by supplying high-quality and innovative manure robots, manure scrapers and feed pusher robots, mainly for dairy farmers. The robots replace scarce labour and create significant cost benefits, enabling farms to scale up more quickly. The current market penetration of JOZ products offers scope for international growth and the ambition is to accelerate this growth by tapping into new markets and launching new and innovative products. Rabo Participaties will join as majority shareholder to help us achieve this. JOZ will be taking the next step together with new CEO Arend Kuperus and the incumbent management team, using Rabobank's market knowledge and extensive network in the Food & Agri industry. 


JOZ, established in Westwoud, is a family-run business with over 70 years of experience in stable automation. The company produces manure robots, manure scrapers and feed pusher robots that offer farms cost-effective benefits. The company is active all over the world through an extensive dealer network.


Quote Arend Kuperus (CEO):

"We are very enthusiastic about this combination, a new milestone for JOZ. Rabo Participaties will enable JOZ to gain momentum in its objective to grow and develop new systems. Moreover, Rabobank's knowledge and global network will enable us to roll out high-grade technology to our partners in agriculture more quickly. As JOZ, we are looking forward to this cooperative venture with confidence.”


Quote Thijs Friederich (Executive Director Rabo Participaties):

“JOZ is a great manufacturing company active in a growth market, with enormous potential to consolidate its market position and increase its product penetration. The company is a perfect fit for Rabobank's Banking for Food and innovation agenda. We are greatly looking forward to working with management and current shareholders to further the company's growth in coming years, both autonomously and by means of take-overs.”

Rabobank participaties

Rabo Participaties

Rabo Participaties is part of the Rabobank Groep. Rabobank's investment division currently administers approximately EUR 1 billion in the form of (international) funds and direct interests. Rabo Participaties takes direct interests in high-growth Dutch companies that are looking for a partner to realise further development and/or the transfer of shareholding. Rabo Participaties does this by means of minority as well as majority interests, where a partnership with businesses is paramount. The successful completion of this transaction extends the portfolio to 14 companies from different sectors.