Slurry scrapers

Let JOZ do the scraping. We have the widest range. Whether you farm milk cattle, meat cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks or horses, a wide range of slurry scrapers is available for every barn. We supply scrapers for grid floors and sealed floors, liquid slurry, solid slurry, slurry with sand and every conceivable combination. Whether you have a barn for 30 cattle or 3000 cattle, our scrapers will keep it perfectly clean. Every farm is unique and requires its own slurry disposal system that matches the architectural characteristics of the barn and the financing capacity of the farm. The system must also meet any government requirements. JOZ will identify the solution to your slurry problems, based on these criteria.


JOZ uses only the very best materials, which guarantee long, problem-free operation, for every barn type and barn floor. Should a problem arise, the JOZ service team will be quickly on the spot to sort it out. Download the brochure for all specifications.


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